Monday, August 27, 2007

Tagged by Maggi

I've been tagged by Maggie so here are 10 things people might not know about me:

1. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska when it was still a territory. I have met a client my same age who was born in the same hospital!

2. I am adopted and have known that since I can remember.

3. I've never searched for my birth parents, but know my birth name was Katherine Ann. I unfortunately lost my adoption papers in Mexico a couple of years ago. :-(

4. I wanted to be an Art major in school, but my mom pulled me out of art classes & put me in college prep. Now I'm an accountant by vocation, but an "artist" by avocation.

5. I Love watching Football but have found the past couple of years I must be a fair weather fan. It has become just Frustrating watching the 49ers & the Raiders loose all the time. LOL

6. I have come to Love kayaking & hope to do Much More of it!

7. I love the Sun, hot weather and being near water!

8. I love French Fries more than chocolate! Fat vs. Sweet for me = Fat! No Wonder I've gained weight!

9. I love country music & have for over 15 years.

10. And I drink too much wine. And per #9, it's now 5 O'Clock Somewhere! Time for a bit of Chardonnay. :-)

10ish---An addition, I Too, per Maggi's tagged post.......have watched Days of our Lives since the beginning! I was at home sick, watching it when JFK was shot. I'll never forget my soap being interrupted, then realizing the seriousness of it. I Still watch DOL..........but periodically now. Although Doug & Julie are back. :-) Memories of the good old days. LOL