Monday, September 10, 2007

Art Unravelled Projects

This class was Book of the Old World by Lisa Renner who was Absolutely Charming! She had MANY supplies all ready for us, plenty of space and spent time with each of us throughout the day. We used encaustic was both on the outside of the book as well as on all of the pages. I find I Love encaustic wax!

This was a FUN class taught be Gail Russakov! We cut images from magazines & placed them in various spots on a gessoed canvas. We then added other rectangles of various decorative papers. We altered the mazazine pictures in various ways which created wonderful texture! I still need to add some mini beads and/or maybe a crystal. I am excited to make another one of these!

Moo cards

These are 4 Moo Card designs I traded at Art Unravelled in August. I hope to do a few more designs for Art & Soul in Portland in October. They are done through People at AU had punched theirs & carried them around on large rings to trade. Some people added fibers. I want to overstamp mine with gold ink & punch holes now that I've seen what they are. :-)