Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paris Tip In - CC Swaps - January 2008

These are my first Tip in Pages. The Eiffel Tower is the front page and the lady is the back. I Loved working on these. Although.........since I'm used to chunky books with pages 4 X 4, I did tend to get this larger size a bit Busy. But I am Excited about joining all of the tip in's this year in CC Swaps. Thank you Pea!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Background Noise 2 - Glue backgrounds

These are 2 different techniques using glue first, then using ink pads over. This is background challenge #2. With the black & white one, I stamped over the glue just to see if it would work. And with the last one that seems to have a little red on it....I sprayed that with Copper Color Mists which did seem to stick. Instructions are here:

Background Noise - Shining Stones

These are my first backgrounds for the Background Noise challenge on Next Generation Stampers yahoo group. I agree with others who have tried & posted, that scans of this technique don't show well. They look stained here, but in person, they have a gold glow, kind of like alcohol ink backgrounds. The 3rd one I tried using a textured brayer. The 4th on I just used pad to paper blue & although it doesn't really show, the blue has a nice golden glow.
For instructions, see this link: