Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art Venture Deco Book Swap

This is the front and back page for this swap. The only requirement is that the word "Art" appear somewhere in the design. I plan to use this same design for all 11 (so far) books as I seem to be Very Slow in coming up with designs. This will keep the books moving. This is my first swap like this, so maybe next time I'll figure out how to do so many different pages.......Quickly. ;-)
Unfortunately, the stamp on the front page is crooked. :-( This was because it was mounted crooked on the wood. I had this swap done before I noticed. I have since pulled the rubber off the wood and added backing as an unmounted stamp. The next one was straight. Grrr, that is irritating to have wood mounted stamps that don't line up with the image. Although I Love the feel of the wood & still love mounted stamps, I certainly find unmounteds easier to use & line up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Tip In - "Men"

This is my page for the monthly CC Swaps Tip In.........this month the topic was "Men". I couldn't Help but think of the Forester Sisters Song, "Men". I'm a Country Music fan & this just led me to where I wanted to go with this months page. Fun and Playful. And, because I couldn't find the pictures I wanted of my Dad, Uncle, Brother, Husband, Father in Law...........I had another idea, but I am Enjoying this one. It makes me Chuckle. :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag You're It Swap to Carol Clements

This is a little travel chunky book I made for Carol Clements in our Tag You're It Swap for May 2008. The topic she chose was Travel/Vacation. I Love chunky books & have been wanting to put one together to take on a trip along with glue, journaling pens, a couple of stamps and maybe a bit of paint so I can put together a chunky book of that trip along the way. Since Carol chose Travel as a topic, I got motivated to make a book for her and Finally made one for myself as well. :-) Now to get a chunky book travel supply kit together & I plan to take mine on our next trip & hopefully add to the book. I hope you enjoy it Carol. :-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ATC Swap 2008 - My January through May ATC's

I belong to a 9 person ATC swap group. These are my ATC's for:
January 2008 - Lizards
February 2008 - Klimt
March 2008 - Flight
April 2008 - Chinese Proverbs
May 2008 - Metallic (the lettered background is an embossed metal sheet, the blue papers are painted with mica paint and there is a metal "something or other" she is holding. LOL)

Me & My World Chunky Book Swap

This chunky book swap was hosted by Jessie Scherf in NSW Australia. The format was different from most chunky book swaps I have done. The pages are 5.5 x 11 and rather than do the back & front of one page, we have two pages face to face, the left page to be some journaling about your life, where you live, etc. and the right hand page is your art work.

I painted all of the art work pages and oddly.....the first 4 ended up in colors I rarely use, such as orange. I had 2 friends over for an art day & they really Liked the colors, so I decided to step Outside of "me & my world" & try to work with the new bolder color. Greens are usually my choice, but in looking for images I found the peacock which pulled my comfortable greens back in, some blue which I used on alcohol ink stained tyvek which was another requirement on the page (tyvek) and had enough orange to make it fit. I don't know if I'm thrilled with the pages............but I Am happy to have pulled in some out of the usual color for me. :-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

I am in a "Tall and Skinny" swap in CC Groups using children and animals in situations that would not be found naturally. I had Much FUN with this swap. Here is the front and back of my page. The dog on the back is my little girl, Lexi. And the kitty is my cat, Frankie. My "kids". :-)