Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Recipe Tag Book Swap

This is the front & back of my recipe tag book swap. The background of the front I created with tissue paper, images, scraps of music all collaged on with white glue. Then I stamped over it with gold & silver stars. I scanned the background & printed for the 21 tags, then layered with the music, gold "ribbon" and the reindeer.
The recipe is one that I have made many many times and people always seem to love it. It is a nice option for a non chocolate dessert. Just for a change. :-) I have made it in different molds, depending on the season and used different fruits & berries. I don't usually add all of the liquor to the berries which makes it quicker. And the recipe itself takes just 10 minutes to put together, then just refrigerate & unmold later. :-)

Art & Soul - LK Ludwig class

This is actually the Back of my book, which I uploaded last. I'm still having problems figuring out how to Blog. It came up first. I didn't decorate the front of the book yet. Following are the pages I got done:

This was a nature journal class taught by LK Ludwig. We started with a Very FUN metal mesh technique. Laying items on the mesh & spraying with acid left beautiful images on the mesh. My friend Debbie came up with another stamp the mesh with a rubber stamp & Versamark pad which acts as a resist. The results are Wonderful!

I was a little disappointed in this class as it didn't really have a direction for me. LK's books are Wonderful! But we brought transparencies, pictures, poems..........most of which we never used. Plus it was the final day & I was tired. So I did get some pages done, although I did not start sewing them into our book covers.

Art & Soul - Angela Cartwright class

This was my project in Angela Cartwright's "Dance of Life" class. It is not finished...I have not yet decided how to color (if at all) the "border". I enjoyed Angela's vision of this project, however there was no class sample and I was never sure where we were going with it. I finally stopped trying to figure it out & just started working. Although I didn't have the pictures I might have wanted, I found images in my baggies of goodies that all related to my life in some way. OK, so the bottle of wine is the biggest image! LOL I Did enjoy finding images however to work with, having not printed any that we were Supposed to bring. I wasn't Thrilled with the embossing powder I brought either. I didn't know exactly what we were going to do with it, so I just grabbed some clear & some gold. My gold turned out to be Very Glittery. So this is Quite a Shiney piece! I actually like it reminds me of the vintage glass glitter cards.

Art & Soul Leighanna Light class

This class was "Vintage Metal Treasure Deck" taught by Leighanna Light. I have made ATC's before, but didn't think I would ever make a Metal one. I got a slow start in this class, mostly trying to do the rusting technique which didn't really work well for me. I preferred the gesso techniques. Once I got started, I got quite a few done and bought 2 more metal "decks" to hopefully make more in the future.