Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September It Girl - Mideavel

Art Ventures September IT girl is Adrienne and her topic was Mideavel. This made me realize that I know very Little about history! I Was able to find some mideavel manuscripts as well as a wonderful mideavel deck of cards with images of men & women on them. Someone else posted about gargoyles, so I added some of them too. LOL I felt the front was missing Something..........but I couldn't find anything that fit, except the color of the bead I added just at the last. I am going to consider that a Mideavel Lantern. ;-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

August and September A9C swaps

Our August ATC swap topic was Altered Puzzle Pieces

Our September ATC swap topic was Sewing

Vintage Postcard Halloween Chunky Book

This is my page for a Halloween chunky book I signed up for. We were to use the vintage postcard we chose, as well as add a vintage actual photo of our family dressed for Halloween. I didn't have any family pictures like that, but found one on the internet. Oddly, the girl on the right looks exactly like I did at that age. :-) I'm Pretending that was my family. LOL

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little books for trades for Raevn's Nest

I wanted to do trades for Raevn's Nest and since I am so Totally in Love with my Bind It All And my Cuttlebug Embossing folders, I decided to make little books. I used a couple of the images I used on the chunky book page, changed them a bit for the book & added a couple more pages for the inside of the front & back covers and, here are my little book trades. I thought maybe people could use them to take notes in class, gather peoples email addresses, etc. I made 62!!! LOL

Raevn's Nest Chunky Book Page

This is the front & back of my page for a chunky book hosted by Sweatpea for the Raevn's Nest Art Retreat in Wisconsin this October.

Africa Tip In for CCSwaps

This is the Front & Back of my Tip in For September, Africa

Aqua, Pink & Ivory Chunky Book Swap

I joined a chunky book swap that was due in September titled "Aqua, Pink & Ivory". I thought it would be fun to try using a combination of colors I'm not so familiar with. I Love teal or not so much. I ended up doing something so Completely Different than I've done. I think I ended up liking it. I'm so Used to doing more vintage designs and nature colors. But here was the final page.