Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hideaway projects

  • The necklace was a side project hosted by Karen "Keychain". There were 40 people attending (+3 counting Tim, Mario and Michelle). Everyone made a charm, no larger than 1" x 1". The first night we had dinner hosted by Mario, and then we all made charm Bracelets. I had seen several charm Necklaces at Art & Soul in Portland in October and Really Wanted one. So I brought my own necklace so I could add the charms to that instead. Everyone's charms were so wonderful & so different. It made a Fun necklace. :-)

  • Our first project on Friday morning was a metal covered book using Ten Seconds metal sheets and embossing plates. We covered small canvases, then stitched the book & attached to the canvases. I used pesto alcohol ink to get the green color. I have nearly all of the Ten Seconds tools........I Love working with metal. But I actually learned How to work with the metal. I was just winging it before. Rather than just rub the paper stylus over the metal to get the pattern, we used a "defining tool" to really bring out the pattern. Also, rather than just using One pattern, we used many different patterns to create a patchwork look. I had never thought of that.

Since I Still can't seem to figure out how to get blog posts in the order I want and end up taking Forever to move pictures where I want them, I'm going to add the projects in different posts. SO, more to follow..........soon. ;-)

Holiday Hideaway 2008, Prescott, Arizona

I returned Wednesday night from 5 days in Prescott, Arizona at Tim Holtz's Holiday Hideaway 2008. What FUN we Had! Tim had name tags all ready for us at our tables. I went with my friend Phyllis, who invited me 3 years ago and I have been So Fortunate to have been able to go to Tim's Prescott retreat 3 times now.
I had the picture taken with Tim & Mario to send to my friend Trizzy, in Australia. :-) That of Course gave Me a picture of the 3 of us also. :-) I couldn't resist posting. I could go on for pages about the Wonders of this retreat, but I will not. I started a travel blog awhile back, but haven't quite gotten it really going. Maybe I will post more pix there as well as tales of the trip.
Meanwhile, I will post pictures of our projects next.