Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hideaway 2008, Prescott, Arizona

I returned Wednesday night from 5 days in Prescott, Arizona at Tim Holtz's Holiday Hideaway 2008. What FUN we Had! Tim had name tags all ready for us at our tables. I went with my friend Phyllis, who invited me 3 years ago and I have been So Fortunate to have been able to go to Tim's Prescott retreat 3 times now.
I had the picture taken with Tim & Mario to send to my friend Trizzy, in Australia. :-) That of Course gave Me a picture of the 3 of us also. :-) I couldn't resist posting. I could go on for pages about the Wonders of this retreat, but I will not. I started a travel blog awhile back, but haven't quite gotten it really going. Maybe I will post more pix there as well as tales of the trip.
Meanwhile, I will post pictures of our projects next.


Trizzy said...

I love this !!! I have told all my friends !! Thanks Margaret

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Margaret, so happy to see the picture of you and Phyllis!!!!
Glad to hear you had FUN!!!!