Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tim Holtz 12 Day of Christmas Tags - My first 3

 I did Tim's first one first and did it pretty much Exactly like Tim did.  Which I am going to do for most of them as I Love Tim's Designs and get to have something close this way. :-)

This was Tim's 2nd and again, I did most the same as Tims except for the Star around the Reindeers neck.  I didn't have a star so I used a pearl.  And I made the wreath from tinsel pipe cleaners & used Alcohol Ink to make it green.
 I was missing some supplies (which are on their way LOL), so I jumped to Tim's #6 tag.  After I made yet another run to Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley to get this Texture Fade which I never even considered buying before............but how Perfect is it for this technique!  And I LOVE this Technique!  I Thought it would be a little bit faster.........but I spent over 2 hours painting after it was embossed! LOL  I suspect I could have done that a little more quickly as once it's sanded off a bit, it would have been fine.  I was So Thrilled with the results though.  I would Love to make a set of vintage looking Christmas ornaments using this technique!  One thing I wouldn't do next time however, is use the Walnut Stain ink over the part I had painted white.  It worked Great over the colors and distressed them a little.  But it turned my white paint brown.  I still love it, but would like that white to be white next time.  I hope to start a 4th tag today!