Monday, October 29, 2007

Art & Soul Portland - Misty Mawn Class

I went to Art & Soul in Portland in October and had a Wonderful Time! I came home to an income tax deadline for extension tax returns and am only now getting to finally post some pictures and reviews of the classes I took.

MISTY MAWN Class: This was the first class I had taken with Misty and I found her very sweet, helpful and Talented! She gave us so many techniques I Wish I had taken notes! I just kept trying them all and of course, now that I'm home & back to work, I forget many of them. But I enjoyed the class enough that I have signed up to take more classes from her at Asilomar in April. Along with more of the background techniques, I Hope to learn how to shade a face to make it look like a face & not a flat, whiteface mime. :-)

The 2 top pictures are of some backgrounds. The picture to the left is one I drew the face on, then Misty "fixed" my shadowing & made it look like a real face! I was Thrilled to see the transformation. The picture on the right is another one I started. My shading is actually Much better than the first one, but I had just started & need to do more work on this one.

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Fiona said...

More gorgeous artwork. I love those backgrounds and the people are great too.