Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cemetery Angel Pictures to Share

I took many MANY pictures of cemetery angels a couple of years ago in the Glenwood Cemetery in Houston Texas. I thought I would post a few here to share. Just right click on the picture & you can save it. Unfortunately it was a very Sunny day. If anyone knows how to easily Photoshop out shadows, I'd Love to knwo how. ;-)


Sharon said...

I saw a copy of your angel at Elizabeth's blog (Last Door Down the Hall) and thought to myself that I have seen this angel before. (I mean the statue, of course) So I clicked the link she provided and found all your pictures and sure enough! That's the cemetery near my house. oooh, the stories I can tell you about taking pictures there!!

(There is no easy way to take out shadows without changing the rest of the picture. You might try the cloning tool. That involves taking a sample from part of the image (no shadow area) and applying where the shadow is.

Take Care

Marilyn said...

Thanks so much for sharing these images. I just so love angels and any kind of old stone or marble sculptures.

Barb said...

Hi Margaret,
This is my first visit to your blog. I too saw a copy of your angel statue on Elizabeth's blog.

It is reassuring to know that there are others out there in "blog-land" who have an appreciation for the art in the old cemetery statues. Some folks view it "morbid" to wonder through a cemetery with a camera in hand.
Check out this blog site, I think you will enjoy it too.

Vianna said...

I love angel statuary - so thank you for sharing. Removing shadows isn't all that simple, but you might want to try "aging" the photos for an interesting effect. I have a post you might want to read here:
Warm wishes from Florida!

Linda said...

Thank you for the lovely images - I have just used one on a piece of work for my blog.
best wishes
Linda Vincent

magpie said...

Wonderful pictures of the cemetery angels.. thank you for wanting to share with us..
Sharon aka MAGPIE x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I am visiting you from Big Art Adventure and I cannot thank you enough for sharing these beautiful images. Here in Va I just have not been able to find anything close to search continues!
Thank you again oxo