Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holiday Hideaway December 2008 - Other Projects

It's nearly the end of February already (although I started this on January 18 as the date says! LOL) and I am Finally getting a chance to post pix of my other projects from Holiday Hideaway in December. The Christmas hangers are made with Ranger "Fragments". Tim's sample actually had crystals hanging from the hanger also...........I Still haven't gotten a chance to put mine on. But if I don't post these pix pretty soon, it will be Next December!!! ;-)

The Doors were a Lot of fun! These plug in & light up and the faux snow looks so realistic.

And The Birds!!! This I think was my Favorite Project! What FUN these were! And how many Different styles everyone did! This is my bird. I bought the metal iron in an atique store in Prescott & have attached my bird. I also went online & have ordered 5 more birds to Hopefully someday alter! I just Love this little guy!

And I Must Thank Tim for his input along the way. I didn't think I had painted it well enough. And I didn't like that orange showing through when we sanded. Tim said it would end up being my favorite part. And Is! It makes it look the most distressed. I won't be so Finicky next time. LOL

Ahh, and these pictures have gotten all out of order from the way we did them. This was actually one of the first projects. I really Loved this project also! Tim's sample had doorknobs as feet to stand on and a door handle on the top. I Bought some.............just haven't had time to put them on yet. This was all made with Grungeboard alphabets and distress inks.
All I can say about the Holiday Hideaway is it is one of the most special events I've ever been fortunate to attend and I Thank Tim for welcoming me into the fold, Mario for all he does for us. And Always thanks to Michelle, Karen & Sharon who help make this all possible. I can't wait for next year! :-)

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Carol said...

Wow, what a wonderful collection of art!