Saturday, April 18, 2009

IT girl for Karen Wright - Shrines

This is the first time I've been able to update my blog in quite some time. Tax season sidetracked me with work. As well as ending up being Very Late with this IT girl book for Karen Wright who was quite understanding when I emailed her. I appreciated that!
Karen's topic was "Shrines". Staying with my book direction, I embedded a shrine in the cover of the book. I glued pages together until the front cover was thick enough to hold the metal box I used for the shrine. Then I traced around the box & with a mat knife, cut out a niche to hold the box. I wanted to use the lid of the box since it just was part of it, so I made a hidden shrine. The lid slides off to reveal the ???? angel girl?? inside. I thought she fit in a shrine.
Now off to work on 3 ATC swaps due April 30 along with a chunky book page due in Florida on April 30. Lot's of artwork ahead of me now that my busy Job season is over. :-)

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