Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mystery Swap May 2009 CC Swaps

These are various pieces I am sending to Carol Sweeney today for the CC Swaps "Mystery Swap". These are polymer clay "Brocade" technique. The hearts are magnets and the others are buttons. Debbie Reid & I (And Debbies daughter Sarah) got together on Saturday and worked on these. They were Much Fun! So much I ended up making clay heart magnets as trades for Art & Soul Asilomar this coming weekend. :-) Much Thanks to Adrienne for coming up with this swap!

Below is Debbie top working in my dining room, then Two pictures of me (accident! And I'm rusing off to Pismo Beach for 4 days before Asilomar so I'm not going to redo this post yet. If Anyone can tell me how to delete a picture without completely redoing the post, that would be Great!). The last picture is of Sarah, Debbie's daughter. We might try to get together more Often to work on techniques. :-)


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Margaret,

Great post!!

To delete pix-
sign into blogger.
go to new post
then click edit post which you will see in the middle-next to create.
then your post will pop up
delete your picture by clicking on it and hitting the delete key
then post as usual

Safe fun travels!

Carol said...

Oh boy! Oh boy! So glad these are coming to me!!!
Have a fun & creative weekend!