Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Artful Voyage in Mexico with Tim Holtz & Wendy Vecchi - Puerta Vallarta

This is our second port on the cruise due to the tropical storm detour. It was a Beautiful day. It reminds me of LA in a way. Maybe the palm trees & much larger streets, traffic, shops. Quite different from Mazatlan. Lots of shops along the sandy beach. Also lots of interesting bronze statues.

This is Me, Phyllis & April.

Me in a Bronze statue chair. :-)

This is a beautiful church and square.

I just Love old bricks. I think this would make great background paper. :-)
We went through the open air market which was near a pretty river.

And This was a hanging bridge. I Thought it would be fun & I'd just bounce on over to the other side. Someone else had a More Bouncy thought & I ended up hanging onto the side to keep from falling. LOL A little more tricky than I thought it was going to be!

And I was Thrilled to find a street vendor selling lime popsicles. :-) My husband and I usually go to Isla Mujeres when we go to Mexico, and this is a favorite thing, a lime popsicle on a hot day. They are Delicious!!
Then on back to the ship.

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