Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Artful Voyage with Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi - Cabo San Lucas

This is our final day in port before heading home. I Enjoyed Cabo San Lucas the Most of all 3 ports. My reason follows.................. :-)

It is Another Beautiful day as we come into port. We take a "Tender" ashore here where the other ports we just pulled up to the dock. This worked Amazingly Efficiently and was fun.

I loved the docks & all the boats. Our friends Paula & Mal from Orca's Island have a home here and have their boat docked. I couldn't remember the name however, so I didn't visit & leave them a note as I hoped to.

AND, Something Else caught my Eye! Finally...........Jetski's!!!! Warm Sun, Blue Water, and a Jetski! I am in Heaven. :-) With my Limited Spanish I managed to choose from the 100 different sales people offering anything from "waverunners" to ATV tours, to rent myself a waverunner. :-) I don't know if I got a deal or if I got taken, but it was $60 per hour & I rented it for 2 hours. And I had the TIME of my LIFE! I've only been out on a jetski a couple other times and it was in a very calm Lake. The Ocean was a Whole Different Game. WHEEEEE. FLYING over waves and wakes. I Loved it. This was my Favorite adventure of the trip. All by my self. ;-)
I took this picture of myself.

And Somehow, Bev recognized me from the ship and got a couple of pictures of me also. She recognized the orange hat. :-)

I stopped here & there & took some pictures from different places I got to. Once out past the rocks, the ocean swells were bigger & crashing into the shore and the rocks near the beach. FUN! :-)

When I rented the waverunner, I asked to be Sure I would have enough gas for 2 hours. They said SI Senorita, I had enough for more than 2 1/2 hours. And there was a clock on the thing, so I Know I returned at Exactly 2 hours. And my gasoline warning beep thing started going off around 1hr 45 minutes. I Suspect, they thought some silly American old lady was going to putter around slowly in the bay. I pretty much went full throttle the whole time and even quite a ways out in the ocean & along the coast. I'm Happy the Beep didn't mean I was Out of gas. LOL I Did make it back without mishap. :-)
I then took a small boat out the the beach with the same people I rented the waverunner from. I think it was $12 round trip. Something reasonable. I spent the next couple of hours in the water, Wishing I could see where people were renting Kayaks and Snorkeling equipment. Turned out I had my swim goggles with me, so I did a little fish viewing through those. Funny though, if you have ever snorkeled, Instinct is to Breath. But I didn't have a tube to breathe through. LOL I only drank a Little sea water. ;-) And unfortunately, I never did get a chance to kayak. That and doing an ATV tour were the 2 other things I So Wish I had located. But if I had a choice out of the 3, the jetski would have been my Favorite and I did get to do that! :-)

From here we head back home. What a Wonderful trip it was! And I haven't even Begun to post the projects we worked on with Tim & Wendy! That is Probably because I haven't finished them yet. LOL I will add pictures of those as they come along.
This picture leaves me watching from the ship, people still out in the water with their waverunners and I fondly remember my day. I didn't get to see much of Cabo..........but I Did get to see it from the water! :-)

I had never been to any of these locations in Mexico. I spent much time in college in Tiajuana and Ensenada as I lived in Southern California. We took day trips there. Dave & I found & Love Isla Mujeres recently although we haven't been back for over 2 years now. It is Time. And my brother built a home in Puerto Penasco Mexico which we have seen being built but have not yet seen it complete. Out of These 3 locations, I would Love to return to Cabo San Lucas, just for the water activities! I didn't find that in the other cities, but then, they weren't right there where the ship came in, so I suspect I just missed them. I also would love to return to Puerta Vallarta & visit the jungle. NOT the zip line. LOL But the mountains looked intriguing. Mazatlan.........maybe to visit my camera. I don't think we really saw much of Mazatlan really.....between taking jitneys and reading maps that we only got once we got ashore. The thing I would Definately do next know more about the areas where we dock and Have a Plan. Maximize my time there. :-)
This was a Wonderful experience! I met many new friends and we have all been keeping in touch. Several of us have signed up for the cruise Next October with Tim which will be from New Jersey to Nova Scotia and back in the fall. Should be Beautiful! I'm looking forward to it already. :-)

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chrissy said...

Great pictures ... thanks for blogging. I noticed the side of Bev's head looking over the deck railing! I'm glad she was able to capture you on the jet ski and that you had the chance to enjoy it.