Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art & Soul Las Vegas February 2010

I went to the first Art & Soul in Las Vegas in February. Classes were held in Bally's. We stayed in the Paris hotel. I roomed with Marian McBryde & we had a Wonderful Time! Here is the view from our room (after an upgrade)

Here is Marian in Caesar's and me in the mirror in our room.

I took 2 Sally Jean Alexander Classes, a Bird Necklace and Totally Tiara. I LOVE her classes. I continue to learn more about soldering & Love it. Have joined several charm swaps since taking her first class in 2008 and am still learning but getting better at it.

This is the Bird Neckace which I did not finish. I got all of the pieces soldered, but didn't get jump rings on or chain. I do hope I will finish it someday. In my defense.....our classroom was rained out, so we lost some time being moved. Right in the middle of class, water started pouring down from a light fixture. Dangerous maybe? Someone had apparently left a bath running upstairs & it ended up in our room. Fortunately nothing was ruined & we moved out into the dining area which was actually Great. We had much more light and Windows! :-) Sally Jean dealt with the situation Amazingly. We regrouped & got to work in a much nicer area the rest of the day And the next day. :-)

This is the Totally Tiara class. I didn't get this finished either. The large piece of glass at the top (as of yet, until I add More wire), was wrapped with a different type of foil. This piece was heavy & the foil just didn't want to stick. I worked & worked with it, but at the end of the day, it was still basically falling off. I was quite Pleased with myself however, as when I got home, I Did remove it, rewrapped it with stronger foil and did get it soldered on. I am going to add more coiled wire and a couple of crystals. I Loved this class. Years ago when I heard about it, I wondered, Who would want to take a class like This!?? Well, that same year, I Saw what people had done & thought.........ME!!!! I would Love to take a class like this!! It was 3 years later before I saw her offer the class again & I was able to get in it. A Fun, Fun class! And as always, Sally Jean is charming, helpful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Part 2 to come. I haven't Yet started the art room cleaning project & if I don't at least get Started.............I won't get Anywhere today. ;-)


Rena Sawatski said...

Wow, Margaret these pieces are gorgeous!! The soldering is still on my "to-do" list to learn.

chrissy said...

Very cool projects... thanks for posting.