Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paperbag book swaps

In the past few months I have been in 2 paper bag book swaps. The first theme was "Nature". There were 12 people and we all did 2 sets of 12 pages. These are my pages for that swap. I haven't yet bound my book, but just recently bought a paper bag book from "Pages In Time" in Lincoln Nebraska. The owner, Karen has made several and they are beautiful. This gave me many ideas of how to bind the book and tidbits to add in pockets, in the bag opening itself. I hope to find time to get that bound soon!

The second book theme was "Da Vinci". There were 8 of us in this swap so we all did 2 sets of 8 pages. Mine is late. :-( But is now winging its way to the UK so all pages can be mailed out to the players. These are my pages for this swap.

I couldn't let go of the idea of using the Mona Lisa in a different way. I have recently been playing with a "Teleidescope" which is like a kaleidescope, but without wheels.....the images are in whatever direction you are looking, so they are real images, not patterns of whatever is in the scope. I bought a program that would do the same thing with pictures. I played & played with Mona Lisa images and these are the ones I used. It was lots of fun, although maybe now the Mona Lisa has been done More than Enough times. LOL

I transferred printed images onto muslin using Leslie Rileys transparency transfer technique and then sewed them onto cardstock & embellished.


Michele said...

Very cool - the paperbag art/books and the mona lisa them!

peggy gatto said...

Lovely art here!
I am so glad you posted your address!!!
Come by any time!!
take care!

chrissy said...

I love the pic of the first one!!!