Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 Days of Christmas Swap-CC Swaps

This is a journal I made for a "12 Days of Christmas" swap. The covers are painted with golden fluid acrylic paints, then textured by either removing paint with a cosmetic sponge & sequin waste, or adding additional paint with textured wallpaper. The image is a transparency transfer as well as the words. I bound them with the Bind it All which I just Love!

The top 2 pictures are of the front & back, the bottom 2 are the inside of the back and the inside of the front covers.

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Trish Bee said...

Im the lucy recipiant of one of these FANTASTIC Art Journals!! This was my favourite gift out of them all (sssh dont tell anyone!) Its truly beautiful and I will get a lot of joy using it. Thankyou!