Friday, October 29, 2010

Port 1 - Portland Maine October 2, 2010

When we woke up Saturday morning, we were docked in Portland Maine. I had ordered room service & we had coffee & ice tea and sweet rolls on our balcony overlooking the city.

Me & Bev as we get off the ship.

A view of our ship from a bridge. It is Large!

We asked a local person as we got off the ship of a good place for breakfast. He pointed us towards Becky's Diner which was Wonderful. A local place, jammed with people & with Great food! We walked along the waterfront probably 3/4 mile to get there.

After breakfast we walked towards town. Thought this sign was funny!
Loved this metal cover. Figured I could use it in my journal somehow. :-)


Pretty Trim. I can see using this as a background for something in my art work. Or maybe carving a stamp. :-)
We were about 2 weeks early for the color, but every here & there we saw some colorful trees.
I took a bus excursion in the afternoon to Portland Head Light. I LOVE lighthouses. I was a little disappointed I couldn't get to more of them, and the ones I could were "excursions", which mostly means a long bus ride & maybe 15 minutes at the destination point. This lighthouse did not have a Fresnel Lense which I asked about. Impressed our guide. LOL It is a working lighthouse however and quite pretty.

This is a working light of some sort and I have forgotten what our guide told us about it. It is the last functional one...........whatever it is. LOL Looks like an inland lighthouse to me. I'll have to google it & find out again what it was.

In restrospect, we probably should have checked out the area closer to the ship.....we didn't get back to this area until quite a bit later in the day. There were several very cute streets with shops and restaurants. We never did stop for lunch so we missed the chowder and lobster rolls. But we did get some time to walk around & shop a bit.

Leaving Portland. I tried & tried to get good pictures of the lighthouses as we set sail. For my birthday last week, Dave got me a Digital SLR camera!!! How I Wish I had had it on the ship. Next time. :-) I did get some ok pix though. This is Portland Head Light from the ship.

There were 2 Small lighthouses near the port....this might be Bug Light.

Pictures are out of order again. Someday I'll learn how to get these in, in the right order!!! Meanwhile, backing up, here is Bev on our Balcony watching as we set sail from Portland.

We head up to watch the sunset tonight. The weather was Beautiful today, and the sunset should be very pretty.


Kelly Kilmer said...

TOTALLY jealous!!! :)

So happy that you had such a great time. LOVE the pictures. Portland, ME is one of my favorite places. You went at the BEST time of year!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm enjoying the cruise now for the third time, LOL. First when I was there, second when I was blogging, and now with you!
Thanks, Margaret!