Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tim Holtz Caribbean Cruise - Cocoa Beach

Bev & I flew in 2 days early into Orlando, then took a shuttle to Cocoa Beach where we stayed for 2 nights at the Hampton Inn. We had a room with a balcony & a very nice view. The beach was very close so we enjoyed some relaxing beach time before boarding the ship on Sunday morning.

We walked down the beach to the Cocoa Beach Pier and had lunch at "The Boardwalk" restaurant on the pier.

Then some relaxing time on the beach. Bev gets some reading time and I spend most of my time in the water.

The next day, we walked on the beach in the morning and at 10 AM, we rented motor scooters from Skip, at Beach Classic Scooter rental in old downtown Cocoa Beach. We rented them for 6 hours.

Helmeted up and off we go on our "hogettes" :-)

We headed off to a restaurant Skip recommended in Canaveral called Grills. We ate on the patio near the water. Great place!!!

After lunch we headed to Lonnie & Marilyn's hotel to see if they were there & wheat they were up to. They were out, so we continued towards the cruise port to see the ships that were in that day.

Oops, 2 pictures out of order. I give up on moving them. I'm 2 hours into this post now. I need a Blog Class!!!! This is the water off the pier at Grills. There were many turtles & jelly fish in the water. Jelly fish had been brought in by earlier storms and were in the water later in Coco Cay also!

Leaving Grills, also out of order. ;-)

Meanwhile, back to viewing the ships.

We had Great FUN on our hogettes. And we covered a lot of ground. Those puppies went 50 mph. Most scooters or mopeds for rent are regulated to 35 or 40 as over that usually requires a motorcycle license. Or so I've heard and experienced. These were Great!!!

Then, The SPILL! We had been out for 5+ hours having a Great time. There is only 1 way back through Cocoa Beach and that is the main road. Since these go fast enough for the speed limit, we were fine, even with much traffic. Not too far from the rental shop, Bev who was ahead of me, signalled & went to turn into the right turn lane. There was road construction what was not marked and a 2" difference in asphalt level between the lane and the turning lane. Bev's tire hit that rise and Down she Went! I wathced her fly off & hit her head & get drug across the asphalt! All we both can say after that experience is, WEAR A HELMET!!! Her head hit the ground & was drug across the pavement. If she had not been wearing a helmet, we fear how badly she would have been hurt. As it was, she was very cut and bruised and it Did curtail much of her activities on the cruise. She was Very Upbeat about it however, and said she would Definately do the scooter again! Trully it was not her fault. That pavement should have been marked. So it was an unfortunate accident which can happen to anyone. The Best thing that happened is when we talked to Skip when we returned from the cruise, he had made up forms that people now Must sign and they Must wear helmets, even though Florida does not require them. This might save someone else along the line! Thank Goodness we Chose to wear them! The benefits to being older & apparently wiser. LOL

The scene of the spill. A cop stopped, but wasn't very helpful. Bev was bleeding all over the place & asked if he had a towel or something. He said no & left. ???? So she went into Wendys to clean up in the bathroom. Then, the troooper she is, we jumped back on the scooters & headed back to return them. We did have a Great time, other than this incident.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Glad to hear Bev is okay!! How scary!!!

It looks like (other than that scary incident) that everything was fun!! :)

chrissy said...

OUCH!!!!!!! So glad that Bev didn't get hurt worse!!!