Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tim Holtz Caribbean Cruise September 2011

It is hard to Believe it has been nearly a year since I posted to my blog! Not long after Last years Tim cruise! And I just returned from another, this time to the Western Caribbean. It was A Wonderful Cruise and so Great to see Tim, Mario, Jim, Richele, Joy and Monica, and see again friends I have made from the past 2 cruises. This was a 7 day cruise and working my way back into blogging, I will just include pictures here of the carpet showing the Days of the Week in the Elevator! I plan to print these out & use them in the wonderful journal we made in class. :-)I'm posting in case anyone else missed any days and/or didn't think of taking pictures and might want to use them also. :-)

Wow, a year lost me ground in posting! I spent over an hour, just trying to get these pictures in order! :-( Hopefully my next posts will start getting easier! I hope to have the whole trip posted by Saturday.

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