Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tim Holtz Caribbean Cruise Day 2, September 26 2011 - Coco Cay, Bahamas

Our first port was Coco Cay in the Bahamas. This is a small island owned by Royal Caribbean. I read a couple of negative reviews of this island from tour books. However I read More positive reviews by people who had been here. Yes, it doesn't have a port city. Which to me, made it Perfect for just relaxing in paradise rather than running all over a larger island. So I liked it. :-)

Each port had these open air "flea markets". Unfortunately for this one on Coco Cay, I couldn't buy anything as I didn't bring any cash. I had read (apparently incorrectly) that Anything we wanted on Coco Cay, we could use our Sea Pass card. Not true. These people take only cash. Guess it saved me some money. LOL

So, for Me, My relaxing started with a kayak tour. I wish I could learn the fine art of relaxing! But I just need to go, go, go. :-) This was a large group. I have kayaked quite a lot. All but 1 time I've been in a sea kayak where you slip down in. These were sit upon kayaks. I had signed up by myself and they had only double kayaks, so I paddled a double by myself, which was fine. I'm a fairly strong paddler. :-) However, there were basically no backs, so this Killed my Back! It was Fun, but we didn't go far and my back just hurt more & more. I would probably not kayak in this type of kayak again. Just too uncomfortable. But I'm glad I did it. :-)

Ahhhhh, then my Goal on this trip........Jetskis in Every Port!!! I LOVE to jetski! I wasn't fond of having to do it in an organized group. I figured we would putt putt around & not have much fun. I was WRONG!!! There were 7 jetskis and 4 guides in our group. He asked who had experience with jetskis.......there were 2 younger couples and me. They gave us a number and we always took off in that order & followed each other. I got to be #3 behind the young buff guys & their girlfriends. LOL Well our guide took off SO FAST that even the Guys couldn't keep up with him. However, I, old lady that I am, kept Up with the other 2 skis!!!! It was Rough & Choppy out there. I've caught a lot of air before, but in lakes when the wind comes up. Nothing like This! It was a THRILL!!! I Loved Every Minute of it! I had read some comments on cruise critic about this tour, and did see quite often that it was Fast & Rough out there. The other 4 jetskis behind me were always WAY behind. They had 3 guides with them however and None of them had ever been on a jetski before. I would have to say, if Any of them wanted to jetski again, I'd be surprised! This was NOT a beginner jetski tour! Fortunately they had enough guides that people could stick with a group at their own pace. I was just thrilled to be in the first fast group & was easily able to keep up. :-) I'd better Stop on this post as I could talk about jetskis Forever. The Elation I feel with the power of the jetski, out in the ocean. It's a definate high for me! :-)

Above is our guide & my #1 & #2 friends. :-)

Me in Jetski Heaven. :-)

We got to go out & around the ship where it was anchored. This was a tender port (you get to shore on a smaller boat, not off on a dock) I was in the last jetski excursion of the day, and they had to have golf carts to get us Quickly back to the last tender to get on the ship before it set sail. Ahhh, what a Treat this was!!! :-)


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

I was watching you and your group from the Windjammer Cafe! We stayed about 2 hrs on CocoCay before it got too hot for me. We "hiked" around the island, which wasn't very far but whew, in that climate it seemed a fair distance. It was fun watching your group all in a line, following the leader.

chrissy said...

I can tell you love jet skis by the look on your face.