Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creative Art Camp - Projects Completed

The first project was a Vintage Valise Journal taught by Jan Hoefler at her beautiful home in Wisconsin.  Not only did we get to take a class, but we also got to Shop!  Jan's website is  She sells most of Tim and Rangers products along with lots of other great supplies on her site.  She was a Great teacher and we had a FUN day! Here is my journal and a few of the pages we created.

This was our first project at Chrissy's house.  I suggested and "taught" this.  I had watercolor paper torn to size 8 1/2 x 11, and matboard covers cut to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.  We used Glimmer Mists on both the watercolor paper and the covers.  Any spray solutions with mica in them will work with this method.  Basically you use maybe 3 colors, spraying them on the watercolor paper.  You want the paper to be quite wet and covered.  Then layer saran wrap over the puddled mists and create patterns in the saran wrap.  Then let dry.  I never wait too long before I pull the saran wrap off.  At least 10 minutes.  But I Think the patterns will appear better if they are left to dry completely.  They don't look very interesting until you pull the saran wrap off.  Then they are quite Beautiful!  Here is my book and some of the pages.  The piece with "windows" on the front is a vintage dental slide page that Mary brought for us all.  Pea took headshots of all of us and I will be putting pictures in that soon.   

 Here is a the table with many of our pages drying.

Here are some of the fabric beads I made.  We painted fabric first, then overstamped it if we wanted.  Some we used already printed fabrics.  We glued them & rolled them tightly around straws, cut them to various sizes, then put fibers on some, rolled some in seed beads, wrapped wire and various glass beads around others.  They were Much Fun.  

Fragments Charms - I made one that was double sided with Christmas images.  I will make this into a single charm necklace.  The other charms we made were backed with embossed metal.  I added jump rings and charms to mine and added them to a chain to make a necklace. 

The final project was a domino collage.  This idea was found on this website:  The person who created these has very pretty ones for sale!  It was much fun to give the technique a try!  

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chrissy said...

Thanks for taking pictures of your artwork and posting. I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone's. I'll have to remember that for next time!!!
I do want to do this again.