Monday, October 31, 2011

Creative Art Camp - Mukwonago Wisconsin - October 2011

I just returned last night from 5 Wonderful days in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Several months ago, 7 of us started planning a small art retreat and the day finally came. Chrissy hosted the camp at her home with her husband Bob. 3 other Wisconsin friends came...Maggi, Sweatpea and Mary. I flew in from California as did Bev, and Carol flew in from Washington state. We were all So Excited to get together and Play. :-)
 Chrissy and Bob have a Beautiful house on Phantom Lake. They are Such Welcoming hosts, they make us feel at Home. This is a view from the house overlooking the lake, and below a picture of the house from the lake.

Carol, Bev and I on the deck.

The weather was beautiful the day we arrived, so the first night Bob and Chrissy took us for a pontoon boat ride around the lake. It was Beautiful as I remembered. Bev and I were fortunate to have stayed here a few years ago when we flew in for Raevn's Nest retreat in Cedarburg.

Our gracious host, bartender and special events coordinator during the visit, Bob. :-)

Maggi and Bev, enjoying the ride.

A beautiful sunset beginning.

Both of our wonderful hosts, Bob and Chrissy!

The next day we travelled about an hour to Jan Hoefler's house for a class she taught.  I will post my projects next. This was a vintage valise journal ala Tim.  We were also able to buy lots of supplies.  I've known Jan through yahoo art swap groups for years and was Thrilled to get a chance to meet her.  Here is her website:

And even though I just told a mutual friend, Beth, that Bev & I were staying Out of Trouble this trip.........look what Bev found!! LOL

When we returned, Bob had a Wonderful big bonfire going outside.  It was chilly out, but Not around the Fire!  

Another night we formed our own pizza dough (that stuff is Stretchy!!!  They were all Different).  Bob then grilled one side, brought those in, we added whatever toppings we wanted to the grilled side, then he grilled the other side & the toppings warmed & melted at the same time.  Wonderful Barbequed Pizzas!  Dave & I are going to try that!

The next 3 days, we worked on various projects around the table.  Thursday morning we made glimmer mist papers that we would later tear to journal size & bind.  That afternoon we made fabric beads embellished with fibers, wire and other beads.  Saturday morning we tore our glimmer mist papers and stamped on them if we wanted and bound the journals.  That afternoon we made charms using Tim Holtz's acrylic charms, papers, etc.  Saturday morning we chose between a domino collage or a canvas.  We all chose the domino collage and although it appeared it wouldn't take too much time at first, once we started wrapping wire & adding beads to it, it took most of the day and was Much Fun!  We also made some molds from Silpak's Sil Putty.  Chrissy went wild in the afternoon, making lots of molds for all of us!  We actually used some air dry clay in them and it worked Great!  I can't wait to pour some of the eurethane I have into them also.  We accomplished a LOT.  Photos to come.

As Saturday evening was approaching, we were a little quieter, a little slower and I think fatigue was setting in.

I'm SURE Fatigue was setting in!!!

It was a Wonderful few days of Visiting, Creating and Sharing.  We all hope we will be able to do this again next year and in the future.  Maybe California next time, then back to Wisconsin.  We'll see what we all can come up with. :-)  The pictures below are just some of the Color that was still very much around.  The peak of fall color might have passed, but it still was Very Pretty!


Carol said...

Fabulous job capturing are Creative ART Camp Adventure!!!!


What beautiful scenery. The images of the trees reflecting in the water was awesome!

Maggi said...

Thanks so much for posting this - I'm so glad I got to attend for at least most of the time! Come back whenever you want!!!!!

bonnie32002 said...

Oh my word, what a wonderful time you must have had! My favorite picture was of Maggi, crashed on the table LOL! Love the photo's thanks for sharing.

Xanapan said...

Margaret - this looks so beautiful. How exciting as well! Although the Caribbean was fun - would much rather have seen this type of scenery & weather!
Hugs ~ Christina