Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back on Land - One final day & night in Cocoa Beach

We are off the ship on Sunday morning and took a shuttle to the Embassy Suites at the Orlando Airport. We decided to stay one more night so we weren't rushed with packing, getting our flight on time. Which was Great as we both needed to repack our suitcases at the hotel from what we just jammed in on the ship! We had a Lot of Stuff to bring back with all of the gifts from Tim and the projects!

We also got a chance to loung around the pool Sunday afternoon & just kick back. We didn't do too much just laying around on the cruise! Lots to see & do! :-)

And I don't know HOW we did it, but we went out to lunch at Sonny's Barbeque Sunday (Great Food!!) Here is Bev with a Real Ice Tea for the first time since we left.

HOW could I have eated this whole rack of ribs after all of that food on the ship!!!??? I guess it was the ribs I missed in St. Maarten. ;-) A Diet starts soon.....

Sunday night we met Lonnie & Marilyn at the Bonefish Grill (I think this was the BEST meal I have Ever had in my life! We found there is one of these in San Francisco & hope to get there Soon!)

Well, I've looked forward to this event for a year. And now it has come & gone. And despite a few little glitches here & there with scooters and was a Wonderful time filled with new friends & many memories.
Since this was the last "big" cruise Tim is doing, I'm feeling sad to have no new plans to be back on a ship and on the sea. As is Bev. SO, Monday morning before we separated to our respective airlines & flights, we both decided to Probably sign up for the ScrapMap Mixed Media cruise in November 2012! It won't be a Tim cruise. :-( But it will be something different to look forward to for the next year, as well as being on my 4th Royal Caribbean ship! Now to convince our families that we should be going away on Thanksgiving weekend! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Pat and I also stayed over Sunday at Cocoa Beach. We stayed at Doubletrees and the hotel was right on the beach! We loved it.
And, we'll see you next November on the mixed media cruise too! Whoo hoo!

Xanapan said...

Hi Margaret! Loved reading through your blog and looking at your photos - views from another perspective! Look forward to keeping in touch!

chrissy said...

Hey, those ribs look as big as the ones you had in Mukwonago!!!
And, can ice tea come in any bigger glasses???