Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UH OH!!!

We just returned from our yearly trip to Pismo Beach for a big Memorial Day family golf tournament and barbeque. And This year, Lena G's in Morro Bay was Open on Tuesday on our way home!  Ahhhh, I Love this Shop! I could spend Days in here! BUT, good thing I Couldn't....the bottom picture is my bootie from 45 minutes in the store.  $$$$ later!  Whew it adds up! But I Love the vintage trims that I wouldn't be able to find whenever I want.  So I end up grabbing too much.  But I Did add a couple of pieces to a Tim Holtz shadow box book I started last week as soon as we got home last night!  And I hope to add a few pieces to my painterly book from DJ Pettitt's class last February soon.

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