Saturday, September 7, 2013

Orca's Island Travel Journal August 2013

We've been back from Orca's Island for a couple of weeks now.  This was our 10th year we celebrated our anniversary on Orca's Island.  This year was our 30th. :-)

I've been sick this past week, with not much energy, but I wanted to use the time for something productive so I pulled out the journal I barely started working on when we were on Orca's, and started adding pictures, receipts, maps, etc. to it each day.  By yesterday afternoon I had all pages ready to go. Then realized they were all 1 page, not folded pages for a signature, so I googled bindings and found the coptic stitch could be done with single pages.  Although I used Stonehenge paper which is fairly strong, I decided on 3 rows of binding and then added 3 (sometimes 2) eyelets to each page as well as the covers.  This morning I Actually Bound the book! This is a FIRST! :-) I'm Happy.

Although I started adding washi tape, outlines, etc. to the pages, I have not yet journalled on any of the pages.  I hope to start that this afternoon and maybe continue while watching the first season Football games, out in the yard tomorrow as the weather is absolutely Gorgeous today and through tomorrow. 

My next goal with travel journals will be using acrylic paints & a somewhat heavy wash to create pages ready to start adding to on my next trip or trips. I think binding this way was very Easy and it allows me to work on 1 page at a time, rather than working in a bound book.  If I want to use watercolor paper & can be bound in easily with all the other pages.  And I'm not limited to a certain number of pages.  This journal got Quite Thick, but it's fun to hold & flip through.  It lays flat so I can easily add to it.  I Hope I'm on my way to Always having journal pages with me, glue stick, tape, journalling pens, washi paper and my pogo printer and try each day to just add stuff to pages.  I can work further on them when I get home. 

Although, being sick allowed me the time for this.  I'd prefer to Not be sick. LOL  But hopefully I'll Make time to work on more travel journals. :-)

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